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    Direct Track & Google Checkout
    Does anyone have any experience in setting up a CPS campaign in Direct Track with using Google Checkout?

    Cannot get the sale to track back to DT.

    Impressions and clicks come through fine, but the xml code for the sale info is not getting passed back...............looking for some help??


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    Unfortunately, you can't track a CPS campaign through DirectTrack using Google Checkout.

    Although DirectTrack is (listed as one of Google Checkout's integrated third-party tracking vendors, a technical person at Google told me the software companies on that list just submitted a request to be on that list, without Google actually testing their claims.

    The problem is that DirectTrack has a REST based URL tracking (http://url/xValue/yValue) whereas Google Checkout uses a parameter based system (http://url?x=xValue&y=yValue).

    So even though you can copy the URL code generated by your DirectTrack campaign and paste it into the Google Checkout form (which will then pass it through the Google API to have it show up on Google's confirmation page), the format that shows up on Google's confirmation page won't be in a format string that DirectTrack will recognize.

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