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    EMail Newsletter Service
    hi everyone, could someone recommend a good program for to collect emails to use for newsletter? i have a site with 10 different merchants. i'd like to be able to get people to sign up for each one, and manage the email lists for each merchant with one email newsletter service.


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    not sure what your business model is, but wouldn't it be better to have your customer sign up for a newsletter by topic, rather than by merchant? if I really wanted info on a particular merchant, why wouldn't I just go over to that merchant's site and sign up for THEIR newsletter?

    Seems like you should have them pick an interest and use as many merchants as needed to provide a quality newsletter and supporting links. That way too, you are insulating yourself from losing customers - if merchant A stops their program and you got someone to sign up to ONLY get a newsletter about merchant A's products, then technically you probably won't be able to use their info to move them to another merchant as that would now be spamming.

    some email providers that are good for segmenting lists are,,, to name a few. ConstantContact you should check out but I don't think they do segmenting but it's been a while since I used them. I know icontact has really good segmenting.

    good luck!

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    If you need very serious software and have the budget, Bronto is amazing we've been using it for a few months, we have a list of over 100,000 customers and it manages it with ease. If you need something that will help you organize everything and manage and track email campaigns, this might be your answer.

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    VerticalResponse of course

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    Constant Contact(which we use) won't support multiple merchants per account.

    They really are going for more traditional business owners in that way and I doubt you want to spend $15+ each month for each of your 10 merchants.

    Best of luck!

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    VerticalResponse has an option for any type of scenario you can think of from partner programs and of course our affiliate program which pays you for referrals. Unlike many of the other services, you also have the option to pay ONLY when you send emails. In other words, there won't be any monthly payments.

    You can then segment your list per merchant and make a different newsletter for each.

    Can you tell I like them?

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    Another important thing to look at in an auto-responder is email deliver-ability, what percentage of the time does the service get the email into the Inbox rather than the Spam box?

    When you take that in to account I always recommend AWeber.

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