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    Affiliate Mgr considering changing fee structure - need feedback
    I currently have a successful affiliate program where I pay partners a fee per lead. I'm thinking about changing it to a fee per click because I'd like to have more flexibility in how I handle my traffic.

    As in, I don't want to necessarily require a completed lead from traffic that isn't going to be profitable. I'd rather redirect that unprofitable customer somewhere else. But if I only compensate on completed leads, it would hurt affiliates if I redirected unprofitable traffic before they turned into leads.

    Thus, if I pay a fee per click, I'm free to monetize the traffic how I see fit - whether it's through a lead or a redirect of sorts. My concern is that I'd get a ton of bogus traffic. What do you all think? I'd be taking on more risk (fraudulent traffic), but also taking on more of the upside of quality traffic...

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Your goal is to attract a broader range of traffic from publishers, with the goal that you'll find "other ways to monetize" traffic that doesn't convert to leads. You recognize that by paying "per click" instead of "per lead" (which I assume means "per qualified lead"), you'll attract more fraudulent activity, but you hope the increased "alternative revenue" will exceed the cost of policing for fraud.

    Are you already running PPC campaigns on Google AdWords' Content Network? I think this is a good way to "test the waters" for other pay-per-click campaigns, without spending lots of time and energy recruiting individual publishers. Note that you can run PPC ads on the Content Network two different ways: either "all sites except..." or "only these sites..." (placements). By targeting specific sites, you actually get much better reporting and of course greater precision and control over individual bid rates; but the broader network placement actually may deliver better performance because it's keyword-based (e.g. your ads will appear only on pages where your keywords appear). Alas, there are hundreds of thousands of "garbage sites" on the content network.

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    Like what Mark mentioned, unless you have a a pretty advance automated system to filter out the traffic that are fraudelent, then I would not reinvent the wheel.

    Also, if you are saying "redirect" the traffic.
    Publishers under you are interested to know what product or service are you providing, may it be a lead based form or a redirect structure. So if you operate the program under the understanding of a lead based form system, you cannot simply turn it to a redirect tomorrow or vice versa. It would confuse the heck out of affiliates and a confused affiliate will not be promoting your product/service (or will promote your competitor).

    If you model is working very well (or per you words "successful"), don't reinvent the wheel. Find ways to grease it and make it move faster.

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