I work for a web startup that aggregates sports and concert tickets available on the secondary market. So, for example, if you looked up a Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins game, we would show you the best deals currently available on StubHub, RazorGator, TicketsNow, etc. For each game/concert, we list the available tickets and then have links that allow the user to click through to the secondary market where they can buy the ticket.

Presumably users have a high intent to purchase when they click through to one of these links. They are clicking on a link that says "BUY NOW" in bold.

I know it's perhaps naive to ask what conversion rate we should expect, but can anyone provide analogies to conversion rates in similar companies? We're surprised by how many users are clicking through but how few our purchasing.

More broadly, I'm having trouble finding resources for people who use affiliate programs like we do. It seems nearly all affiliate advice/tips on the internet are geared towards people who are running Adwords campaigns and then trying to get a certain % to convert once they click on the ad. Can anyone direct us towards advice/resources/comparisons for sites like ours that don't use Adwords but instead are trying to convert users who've already explicitly said they want to purchase.