Good Morning Team, has decided to get the Halloween Party started early this year by offering their active affiliate partners extra cash all throughout the month of October!

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1st Level Halloween “Treat”

Any new affiliate partner that gets active now and produces their 1st sale in the month of October will instantly get a $20.00 Cash Activation Bonus just for producing their first sale. So not only will an affiliate receive 10% Commissions on an average order of $100.00 or more, but you receive an extra $20.00 in Cash when you produce your first sale.

2nd Level “Boo”untiful Cash Offer

Affiliate partners currently active on the program generating more than $1,000 in Sales for the month of October 2009 will receive an extra $100.00 in Cash and 4 movie passes of your choice so you and the family or friends or neighbors or whoever can check out the newest screening of “ZoombieLand, SawVI or the movie of your choice”

3rd The “Andy R. vs. Dracula” Cash Extravaganza

The first affiliate partner to generate $5,000 in sales for the month of October 2009, will receive $500.00 in Cash, 4 movie passes of your choice so you and the family or friends or neighbors or whoever can check out the newest screening of “ZoombieLand, SawVI or the movie of your choice and a never before seen video of “Andy R. vs. Dracula” on the beaches of Miami Beach…Folks you don’t want to miss this one! This never before seen movie is one of a kind and will only be given to the first affiliate that hits the $5,000 mark…..

History of

If you’re not familiar with and want to earn big commission today by joining, please read a little bit about our company and get familiar with the nominee of the “2009 America’s Greenest Company People’s Choice Award”-

Great News! is a Top Ten finalist in the Peoples Choice Award for a "Green America" company in 2009. We are extremely honored that we have been nominated and we hope to share this most prestigious award with our site visitors and customers as a way of saying thank you. We also know that as we expand our business and grow in our affiliate program that this of award could really help our affiliate partners convert better, so spread the word and let your site visitors know that is eco-friendly!

Important Message to Our Affiliate Partners!

I want to end of by saying thank you again for all of your support. We couldn't be more happier that you've joined our program and are now ready to make big commissions with one of the world's top Green company! takes a different approach to helping customers pack, ship and store their items and we are proud to say that a very important of business motto involves the saving of boxes that otherwise would have been destroyed or thrown away. Our mission and focus remains the same, "lets rescue as many boxes as we can, lets get them into the hands of of customers looking to pack, ship, and store their items for the lowest price", this motto is dear to our hearts and involves you, lets make this a reality together!

When it relates to our affiliate program, we believe in a win-win approach that is bar none and exceptional to all other programs and competitors. We believe that if if we can save a tree from being cut down, the planet wins, if the plant wins-our customer wins with the lowest prices on the web and if our customers win, you win with high conversions!

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