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    Insurance Question
    I am a new affiliate and forum member.

    Do you recommend getting insurance to protect affiliates from getting sued? If so, what kind, how much, and where would you get it? My husband thinks I'm taking a big risk by promoting other company products. Since I hopefully will be getting commission for my linked Internet sales and not actually selling the products on my site, do I need to be concerned about being liable for anything?

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    Never heard of a need for this insurance...........Besides where would you find it??????

    BTW...Welcome to ABW......and may you make enough money to .....OhWell...
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    People who feel victimized by a product or company generally sue the company that makes or sells the product, if you get my drift.

    Just stay away from promoting sleazy or illegal products. And of course don't exaggerate or lie about the benefits of the stuff you promote.

    You could always ask your insurance agent about what is available though...

    insurance to protect affiliates from getting sued
    Dont think having insurance prevents you from getting sued.

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    You may not have any true liability by "advertising" the products of others (note please that I am not a lawyer). However, that does not mean you can't be named as a defendant in a lawsuit; especially a product liability lawsuit where the plaintiff may have learned about a product (or clicked through to a product) from your website. Lawyers and plaintiffs seem to search for deep pockets - anybody's pockets. Even if you may not have any real liability, who is going to pay for the cost of defending you in court?

    That is why I have a business policy covering my affiliate activities. My policy premium has been at the same level for the last several years.
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    If you are worried about getting sued set up an LLC.

    Talk to an accountant for benefits, deductions and what kind of small corp would suit you.

    It has been on my 'to do' list for the longest time...

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    Yes, I recommend getting Legal Insurance. When I first heard about it, I thought it didn't make sense for most people until someone was kind enough to fully explain it to me. Boy am I glad I listened. I have had Legal Insurance for about 2 years now and it has saved me thousands, on one issue alone $10,520. This site explains it pretty well:
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    I think what may be a better idea is getting an attorney on retainer.

    E&O insurance would not be relevant in this care, I don't think.

    Nothing can prevent you from being sued. Anyone can sue you at any time. It's a matter of rather you can fight it.
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    Thank you for your input about getting insurance
    Thanks for your input. I'll have to give all this some more thought.

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    I used to have typical E & O insurance when I did more development type work for others. A couple of years ago the policy came back saying they did not cover anything to do with websites.

    I now have a Cyber and Technology Activities policy. It covers for claims against me for such things as (para phrasing from the policy):

    any form of defamation or other tort
    any form of infringement with rights of privacy
    infringement of trademark
    infringement of copyright
    piracy, unfair competition or misuse of intellectual property
    failure to prevent unauthorized access or introduction of malicious code
    repetitively accessing a website with the intent to deny others access
    errors, omissions or negligent acts

    I haven't had to use it and highly doubt that I ever will so can't say how well they pay or protect. It is designed for companies that do content websites.

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    Smile Thank you and new information
    Thank you to everyone who has replied to my initial post.

    I just received an e-mail message from the person in charge of one of the affiliate programs I am signed up with. He told me that I don't need insurance, because I'm covered by our initial affiliate agreement. So, that may apply to the rest of you also.

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    I would say yes, you may be losing your credibility. Think twice before committing

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