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    January 18th, 2005
    I was looking in my account one minute and it was at $XX60.00 dollars (aprox) and then the next minute it's down 12 to $XX48.00 dollars. So I go look through the last 3 months of transactions and it doesn't look from the reports like anything has been reversed. How could this be?

    Also should I be looking at the "posting date" to find the latest alterations or "event date" or neither?

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    Run a txn report for today (or yesterday). You will see all recent reversals there. This is one of the benefits to the new reporting structure.

    Theoretically, you will only need to log in each morning and run a txn report for "yesterday" to see everything that has changed since the day before.

    Tip: After you generate thereport, go to the bottom and save it to Excel; then you can manipulate/resort it all you want offline.

    Todd Crawford
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    Thanks Todd but I did a transaction report for the whole week and I still can't figure it out. There were a few alterations within the last few days but all were accepted. Oh well, maybe I imagined it was at $XX60.00, I doubt it though.

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