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    July 26th, 2007
    Just a heads up...

    When CafePress purchased Imagekind, they added a link to their site. It was a leak, but meh... I didn't mind so much.

    They've since added things like the Flip camera that you can not earn commissions from. Didn't like that so much because they were featured prominently.

    Recently, they've been partnering with companies.... the first company is in the shopping cart promoting free shipping. It's called Yeah... you can google that one.

    The next company up to bat is one they're using for the t-shirt give away pop up at the very bottom of the page when you scroll down. ( Check out the About page....

    The latest? Google AdSense.... yep.... sure enough.... AdSense.

    I'm assuming that it's a split test experiment because not all of us shopkeepers are seeing it. Do a search for anything... dogs, for example... scroll down and you might catch it just below the big green Customize Your Own Products button.

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    Is this on just the free shops or premium shops or both?
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    Imagekind links are in the marketplace. was in both the premium shops and the marketplace, but several shopkeepers objected and it was removed from our premium shops. It remains in the marketplace's shopping cart.

    Sweepery and AdSense are both in the marketplace. I haven't seen them in premiums.

    It appears to be safer to link directly to premium shops.... however, CP has been very volatile lately and has been making changes and partnering with these companies at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, our shopkeepers are very proactive and notice things almost immediately.

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