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    Input needed for merchant considering establishing an affiliate program
    My business is in sales and consulting related to green building. In the past year I have developed a cabinet line that I would like to market online. I would like to explore an affiliate program to basically establish a network of sales people. This could be as simple as referrals or more complex in actually getting involved in the sale (depending on the affiliate). I am looking for input as to the feasibility as well as tools to set this up and manage it. Any ideas here?


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    Welcome to the forum.


    1. Do you have a brand?
    2. Do you have any sales?
    3. What are your current marketing methods?
    4. Cabinet line -- as in office furniture?
    5. You say your in sales, are you looking to augment your efforts or create a marketing arm? / Do Branding?
    6. Do you have an existing sales site that is converting? (don't post the URL)
    Continued Success,

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    Thanks for the quick response Haiko

    I do have a brand and a newly built website (not optimized or converting).

    I have a few sales - I have focused on local marketing to get this developed and fine tuned.

    They are custom cabinets for kitchen, office, etc.

    There is much potential and I am looking for ways to get them into the market. The marketing arm is probably mostly what I am looking for.

    I have other products and services I would like to get online - SEO is not my strong suit so am thinking that some kind of affiliate program might be best to build a marketing team.

    Can I mention the brand and/or site name or put url in signature?

    I am open to any ideas


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    (not optimized or converting).
    This is your first task in designing an affiliate program. Affiliate traffic will convert no better than will natural or paid search.

    Fix that, THEN worry about an affiliate program
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    Unless you have a fully automated website where consumers are able to go in and put in the details of their custom cabinets, all the way down to the color of the item + checkout on the website; I foresee your website as a lead generation affiliate program.

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