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    Basic newbie question - where's the help?
    I recently joined CJ, managed to work out how to add banners, then how to add links for specific products. No thanks to the "Help" screens on the site which seem pretty useless.

    Is there a decent Help site anywhere for CJ?

    I have two specific questions:

    When you "get HTML", there are two check boxes to select "encrypt link" and "hide tracker". Should I check these? What's the advantage of doing that, and what's the risk if I ignore them?

    It says I must include all the HTML as given- but I'm finding it's badly formatted and sometimes there are typo's etc. Will I get in trouble if I format it properly and fix spelling mistakes?

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    I might be stupid but we use them for data protection. We did not investigate really the reasons. Also, I'm surprise about the last note I think that if you change the font it's not gonna break their rules. I mean we did it and did not experience any problem.

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    You don't need to worry about the two check boxes "encrypt link" and "hide tracker"... either way your links will track fine. Should be some help/tutorials on about this.

    As for html code... you just need the first url listed in the html string to track properly... the second url is the image tag (used to display banner creative or to track text link impressions).


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    The "don't alter the provided codes" language is a CYA on CJ's part so they don't have to deal with issues that occur when somebody bumbles.

    There may be very rare cases where a merchant will have terms prohibiting alteration, but you can check their terms for that.

    Probably 99% of us have a need to alter/reformat the provided codes to make it "fit" the way our web pages are formatted, and we've been doing it for years. If you know how and what to do to as far as tweaking HTML without messing up the tracking links, and aren't doing anything that would misrepresent the vendor or the product, then do what you gotta do
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