Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Young Money affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
$0.25 Bounty
50% average conversion
Commission duration 30 Days

Description: The Young Money® Financial Literacy Challenge is a free, twenty question, IQ style quiz designed to help participants understand and improve their financial knowledge and behavior. Incentives provided by Young Money's national partners will help transition knowledge into positive financial behaviors. Our incentives are a great way to attract anyone interested in saving money, making money or better managing their money. National sponsors include the Skinny On book series,, Sharebuilder, Virtual Wallet by PNC, New York Life,,, Accounting in an Hour, PayOff Live, and more.

Why Join?
• Help make a difference: be a part of educating our young adults; help them avoid the financial pitfalls of today to ensure a better tomorrow.
• Our affiliates earn $.25 per completed challenge; conversion is triggered by completion of email
• Initial promotions have yielded over 50% conversion rate thanks to the great variety of offers from our sponsors
• Young Money and national sponsors are providing exclusive offers for every individual who completes the challenge.

Young Money
Young Money® was launched in 1999 to change the way young adults earn, manage, invest and spend money. As a leading national money, business and lifestyle magazine written primarily by student journalists, Young Money specifically focuses on personal finance, money management, entrepreneurship, careers, and investing. To learn more please visit You can find the Challenge at


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