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    Do You Treat Your On-Line Business Like A BUSINESS ?
    I'm sitting here doing my weekly reports, employee payments, tax and local what I have to pay to others that don't know me crud ...

    I don't do this weekly with my on-line sites.

    They make me over 70% of my entire revenue, but don't get the love that my bricks and mortar businesses get.

    Do you treat your on-line business like a business?

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    Operate as a division of the B & M business. Same book keeping and tax pay proceedures.
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    If online business is your business model then you will agree that we have to do the boring part of the job. When the pleasant part, making sales is greater than this latter, then, we get really satisfied, don't we?

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    I let my husband handle all the book keeping, and he does it faithfully once every two months... so yes, it's treated like a real business in that respect, but I'm not the one doing it. Whew.

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    Yep - bookkeeping and insurance and an attorney and a CPA with accounting services. This year I hired a (high priced) tax attorney to set up our new structure and have retained a CPA firm to handle (almost) all of the bookkeeping and paperwork. I love building the Internet "things" for the business but abhor the paperwork aspect. I decided it's time to let someone else do "that" stuff - especially since we are considering also becoming a merchant (still in the investigative/negotiations stage).
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    A business? Yes and no.

    It's clear to me that if I put more effort into a website it will make more money.
    But that's speculative - compared to charging out at an hourly rate and knowing I'll be paid when I send the invoice.

    I wish I could make 70% of my income from affiliate sales and online activities. But the reliable customers who pay me by the hour for my 'day job' will come first.

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