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    Arrow Anti-Wi-Fi paint
    The idea is simple: Use a special paint on walls where you don't want wireless to pass through (say the exterior of your house). The secret is mixing aluminum-iron oxide particles in with the paint. The metal particles resonate at the same frequency as Wi-Fi and other radio waves, so signals can't pass through the thin layer of pigment. Outsiders would simply be unable to access your wireless network, just as you, inside the house, won't be able to interlope on anything beamed on the outside.

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    The paint isn't just of interest to those concerned about wireless leaking out of the building...

    ... Since the wireless-blocking paint can also block the lower-frequency signals that cell phones use, addled mobile junkies would have no outlet for reaching the outside world.
    But then I wonder...

    Unless you have Satellite, Cable, or an outdoor antenna...

    How can you still receive clear Radio and HDTV channels from the air, inside your freshly aluminum-iron oxide painted house?

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    Yeah, I'm with Mr. Sal on this one. Wouldn't this cause serious havoc with regular radio and TV reception? To say nothing of cordless phones, many of which operate on the same frequency as WiFi?

    As that article suggests near the end, even the cheapest wifi access points offer some security measures that are normally adequate. I mean, do you have a lot of problem with people hacking into your wifi?

    Maybe it's a serious issue for some commercial wifi points. I dunno?
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    I've got mixed emotions on this one. On one hand it may finally do away with my Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) . On the other hand I'd have to start paying for internet access. Tough call.

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    I still have my original AFDB that I build on 1942, and since I don't use Wi-Fi, I really don't have any use for that aluminum-iron oxide paint.

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