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    How to get accepted to the Apple store program on CJ
    Hi, my first post, joined to ask this question:

    I have a general shopping review site that does ok (about 1-5 sales/day/review), and I wanted to try featuring some Apple products... but I got auto declined.

    Does anyone know what is required to get into this program? Any examples of sites that are in this program?



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    Send them an email asking for them to reconsider. Show them where or how they would be a good fit on your site. Approaching merchants this way usually works. Who knows if it will work with them, but it's all you can do.
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    their info page on cj says at the top

    The Apple Store is not accepting applications at this time in order to focus our efforts on growing our existing affiliate partnerships.

    Please contact your Commission Junction representative for additional information.

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    The Apple Online Store Affiliate Program is probably just about to lose - (active and passive voice) - a lot of affiliates because of the Apple Online Store's rules and Regulations for Affiliates.

    For example:
    you can only use 1 Apple banner/creative on YOUR web page AND,
    it can not be at the BOTTOM of the page AND
    they want at least $5000+ - or somesuch - every quarter AND

    So, by their own rules, if the Apple Online Store Affiliate Program follows them, they will nix a lot of affiliates.

    The flip side of the coin is that Publishers themselves have a lot of rules about their own sites that are not published or declared to their advertisers.

    For example: If someone wanted to put two creatives on their own web page, one at top and one at bottom then, guess what, they probably will and, will not be dictated to by Advertisers' dictatorial rules 'n 'eggs..

    So, my guess is that Apple will lose a lot of affiliates soon. Whether or not they will adopt new affiliates who "toe the Apple line" and don't have their own "unpublished rules for advertisers" - we can but hold our collective breaths.

    Heck, they might even give you more than their 1% as well!

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    1% & super restrictive terms must mean aff marketing isn't working out to good for them.
    But you can still look around & find plenty of other merchants that manage to peddle their products & pay way more commission, etc. For now at least.

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    and, in addition, they are gonna need a bit of a war chest full of lawyers and do-re-mi to fend off nokia and fend on our friends at Psystar....

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    Quote Originally Posted by simcat can still look around & find plenty of other merchants that peddle their products & pay way more commission,......
    Yes, thank you. I'm so senile, I'd forgotten about that. PC/Mac connection on the google (thanx dubya) net would be one of them...

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