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    W3C Validation not part of Google Search Engine Ranking Factor
    Find out why Google does not factor "clean coding" into its ranking:

    Google’s Matt Cutts has announced that W3C Validation and clean coding does not factor into search engine rankings. There are other benefits to having a validated website, but there is nothing in Google’s algorithm that will increase search engine rankings.
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    This is true, but there are coding errors that can prevent your pages from being properly crawled. Tags left open and using /> with the wrong doctype, even forgetting a closing " in a link can prevent your pages from being spidered completely.

    Google does not rank your site for compliance, but a compliant site can be fully spidered.

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    Yes, it doesn't effect on ranking but it helps in crawling your website.

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    yup it doesnt help in indexing or serps, but it can hurt as the above posters have said so. Some die hard wc3'ers reckon it will be used in the algo by google some day, but IMHO this is on par with me hoping that ( You need to clean up your talk here. This is NOT an adult porno forum for crude remarks. They could get you banned from here. )
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