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    Reviewing one of my stale sites (revenue data)
    I compiled some data for the affiliate-program revenue earned from a pair of domains that I'm selling on eBay in a few days. (I thought it might be useful to share this data here, especially as an example for many newbies who think it's easy to throw up a web site and watch the money roll in.)

    I registered the domains ( and and started the site in 2005, with some ambitious plans, but quickly moved on to other projects. During the first year or two, most of the site's nominal revenue was driven by a single product-review page, which pushed some sales for (CJ) and (SAS). More recently, somewhat greater revenue has been driven by PopShops pages on the domain (again, a single "store" page was responsible for most of the recent sales).

    My ShareASale affiliate earnings from the sites, over 4 years, total just $959 from 236 sales transactions ($707 from, $103 from ScrapbookSuperCenter, $100 from A Cherry on Top, and $49 from Two Peas).

    As I've said when sharing financial data in past years, I'm sharing this data only because I'm selling the domains, and I'm not going to disclose data for domains which I am keeping.
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