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    While I was browsing through my stats today, I noticed that my "Usage By Country" which normally just says Unresolved/Unknown has all kinds of statistics this month.

    I have visits from Network, US Commercial, Canada, US Educational, France, US Government, Italy, US Military, Australia, Estonia, United Kingdom, United States, Israel, Non-Profit Organization and Unresolved/Unknown.

    Unresolved/Unknown is number one with Network, US Commercial, and Canda taking second, third and fourth place.

    Anyways, this just made me curious as to how everyone elses sites stats look by country.

    Anyone want to share?
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    Despite the fact my site is still under construction and the templates won't be ready for insertion for another couple of weeks and also that the various banners and text links and write ups and the forum messageboard and all the other stuff that goes with running a successful affiliate marketing site won't be ready for like forever...I still get well over 14,000 hits every month, from literally all over the world. New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, USA, Central America, South America, China. The list is almost endless.

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    I'll bite.
    14k under contruction..
    are these free visits or ppc?

    and if I may, how are you achieving 14k hits for what appears to be a relatively NEW site.
    Good job!

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    Yes the site is new but the name is easily searchable and VERY easy to remember. and I am slowly getting it listed with a lot of different phrases and keywords. Sure it's tucked away in some searches but in others it has a very high listing. It also concentrates on key services which are popular. It also helped when a Japanese forum listed it after a user browsed the internet and came across it.

    The current pages are temporary and the templates are very nearly done. I have also set up a shoppers forum which is already operating but I have not posted any links to it yet on the search engines. It helps owning both the .com and the as I plan next year to separate the two rather than offer a redirect. The would then concentrate on business in the EU and the .com would solely cover the rest.

    The site offers a variety of services with holidays in four continents and flights to anywhere plus rail and car travel. It offers sporting facilities and tournaments as well as sport betting and very soon stats on baseball, American Football and European Soccer etc. The site also offers a range of luxury products and basic goods and services.

    OK I know for now the pages are rubbish and quite frankly that's not a worry at present because it has only been listed since March and registered since December. When the templates are on the site anfd the content is improved then I fully expect a VERY nice residual income and thank you very much!

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