Affiliates looking for Halloween content would be wise to add information regarding the purchase of contact lenses for Halloween.

As you can imagine, scary, FX, and color lenses are very popular this time of year. The law requires a prescription for any type of contact lens including these special lenses. While you can find them in quite a few halloween and novelty shops, these places are not only putting people's vision health in jeopardy, they're also breaking the law.

To protect your visitors, I highly recommend creating content or at least including a quick one liner with restrictions about purchasing halloween contact lenses.

In addition, it is illegal to advertise contact lenses as a non-prescription item. Do not, in any way, mention that color, crazy, or halloween contact lenses can be purchased without a prescription. I've had to contact more than a few affiliates via notifications received from government officials and it's never fun.

Taking these simple steps can prevent a major headache down the road for both us and you. Not only is it good form to keep your visitors safe, it also prevents a high reversal rate on unshipped orders and most importantly, any possible legal action.

Visit our blog for more information about some quick tips and content you can offer your viewers - Halloween Contact Lenses - Be Safe.

Let me know if you have questions.