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    Question Batch? What does that really mean?
    Quick question. I have researched in on CJ and can't find the full answer or at least an anwser that is detailed enough to satisfy my curiousity.

    What is BATCH?

    I know it means the merchant reports sales like once a week or month.

    What I want to know it this.

    Say a merchant sends a batch in once a week.

    Will the sells all come in at the same time? In other words, can that batch take days to be posted or is it all put in on the same day?

    So, like if a merchant sends in their batch report on the 15th. Will all the sales on that batch report appear on the 15th or could it go like some sales appear on the 15th, the 16th, the 17th and the 18th all from that one batch report?

    I hope these question makes sense. I appreciate any help or answers anyone can give me and thank you in advance, because I don't come here very often to post. So, thanks. Big time. Cause I am really curious about this.

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    I don't think I've ever generated meaningful transactions for merchants who post in "batch mode," so I can't really answer the question. However:

    The question of "when will transactions post," if submitted in "batch mode," is far less important (to me) than "will all transactions be properly recorded, credited, and posted, since the affiliate network does not track activity?" After all, one of the reasons why many web publishers prefer to work with merchants through an intermediary is the expectation that the network shares the goal of maximizing accurate tracking and reporting -- but with "batch mode," the network defers 100% to the merchant on tracking.

    Certainly, the timing issue can be important when evaluating campaign performance; if I have a web site where traffic peaks on a Wednesday, but my merchant shows that sales transactions peak on Saturday, I need to understand whether that's because of a delay in reporting and posting, or because the conversion rate is actually much higher on Saturday than on Wednesday.

    I would expect that the "actual transaction date" should always be used when posting "batch mode transactions," but I certainly would not be surprised if either the merchant or network failed to properly implement this.

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