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    Data Feed Options
    Are there any Data Feed programs that work like PopShops or DataFeedR that can just be loaded without monthly fees?

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    GoldenCan - Asif, he is on ABW too

    DatafeedFile - there were issues with his business. Let's leave it there. YMMV

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    Not quite the same because you can't blend merchants together without hand coding, but within the Shareasale network most of the datafeeds are available in their Make A Page feature where you can do searches and make html tables for specific sets of products within that merchant. You could put multiple merchants on a page by making smaller tables and putting more than one table on a page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makingcents
    Are there any Data Feed programs that work like PopShops or DataFeedR that can just be loaded without monthly fees?
    There's a free free Shareasale datafeed script which really isn't too bad. I've used it on a couple of sites in the past, but have more or less moved over completely to PopShops, Make-a-Page, GoldenCan, and/or just WordPress. Don't have many datafeed only scripts going these days.

    BTW -- That link above is NOT an affiliate link of any sort. And the guy who developed that script has been a member here but doesn't get around much anymore.
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    Add to the affiliate tool kit WebMerge. I have websites that I use a combination of various tools, including my own PHP code.
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    There's also a tool I've been working on called DropWidget but haven't started charging as I wanted to get some feedback first. It uses the LinkShare and CJ APIs to search your Joined Advertisers and make a widget.


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