Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Equestrian Collections affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
8% commission
$118.00 average sales order
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available

Equestrian Collections is the premier Equestrian seller of equestrian apparel and equipment in the US. The Equestrian Collections web site features over 250 of the top brands in the industry.. Ariat, WeatherBeeta, Mountain Horse, Tailored Sportsman, Der-Dau, Vespucci, Lettia, Ovation, Pessoa, TuffRider and Horseware, to name just a few.

Equestrian Collections is different from other equestrian websites as it showcases and sells almost every product that each vendor has to offer. This enormous variety of products, plus our ability to target our products to riders of every major discipline, will make Equestrian Collections the number one choice for Affiliate marketers, such as yourself.

The average sales ticket on Equestrian Collections is $118 and many purchasers buy a second time right after receiving their first order with us. Your Commision Duration is for 30 days to help you capture orders made once the shopper has had time to review her purchase or has waited until the time is right to put the order on her credit card.

We offer an 8% Commission rate that is not eroded by Returns! We do adjust for cancellations and of course for fraud, but honest returns are just a fact of life in a retail business. Your bring us the business, we will try our hardest to keep it.

Equestrian Collections has a well-balanced New to Returning Shopper profile. This, together with a highly educated, computer and internet savvy shopper, makes us a perfect choice for Affiliate Publisher that specialize in Customer Loyalty Programs.

Equestrian Collections' coupons and coupon books are recognized as the best designed in the industry. We offer bold, simple coupons - $10, $15, $20 off, FREE Shipping - that are well-designed and appealing. We change our coupons out frequently and design them with accuracy and equestrian interest details that you need to capture the attention of the equestrian internet shopper. This makes us a great choice for Affiliate Publishers that specialize in Coupon Sites.


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