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    What to expect from shareasale?
    We are a new company selling ladies rhinestone sports hats. We are looking to join an affiliate network. After looking into couple different affiliate network there are 2 that are on our list: shareasale and linkconnector.

    I have heard a lot of good things about shareasale but linkconnector doesnt have a sign up fee. So who do i choose?

    Also I have never advertised anything through an affiliate network so i have no clue what to expect. What can i expect? how many sales do you think i can get each month? i know it will all probably depend on my product and commission payout but i'm just trying to get a clue. I dont want to pay $550 signup fee just to find out that i sell 1-2 products per month through the affiliate network.

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    After Jeanine left link connector I have nothing good to say about that network. Go with SAS. Buy an advertisement here in the new program announcements and be a featured merchant for a week or two with the new merchant coupon code in SAS. However, remember you are launching during Q4 so you may take a bit longer to get going since most major Affiliates are very busy now and have picked a lot of their major promotions, but you can always contact an OPM or a Manager who also does consulting work to help get you going.
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    Do a search here on linkconnector. 'nuff said.

    You need to manage your program no matter what network you are on. How many sales do you get now? A good rule of thumb is that your affiliate sales will be 20-25% of your online sales.

    No one can predict how many sales you will make, there are too many factors to consider.
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    As a longtime affiliate who is involved with most networks.... without even having to go into whatever issues others have alluded to here, I have never bothered with LinkConnector simply because they don't seem to have enough to offer. I can't speak for anybody else but I would surmise that this is the case for many other affiliates as well.

    IMO you'd be saddled with the task of trying to attract affiliates to LinkConnector in addition to trying to attract affiliates to your program.
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