There's been a lot of music-related posts lately, so this sort of fits in now: The LA Times reported yesterday [that] former Beach Boy Brian Wilson to finish some George Gershwin songs.

There is a treasure trove of unfinished Gershwin songs, hundreds or more, left in storage for 70 years until now, and the Gershwin Family Trust and Disney (that apparently has some ownership interest) have now assigned to Wilson to complete.

I love'd the Beach Boys' music - they are still one of my all-time top-five groups - but I can't imagine Wilson's to be the right "style" of music to undertake this task. Maybe Harry Conick, Jr. or Michael Feinstein, but Brian Wilson? I discussed this with a couple of people who really know music, MrsHound who was a professional musician and music teacher, and a friend of mine who is a songwriter, and they feel even more strongly that this is a disaster in the making.