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    affialte sales tracking
    Hello, I am a newb and I have a few questions about how to track which sales come from which links with shareasale software. If you have multiple adds all pointing to the same landing page is there anyway as an affiliate to track which add creates which sale? Is this done by having each add have a custom link [by customizing the afftrack thingy in the link?] and if so then how does one customize the link. [I tried to understand the instructions on share a sale for the afftack thingy but I did not understand if the string you put in the link is just an abritary string of characters or not]

    Thanks in advance

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    Up at the top of the page is a search feature. You can look up your questions there and probably get lots of useful information. Not always, but usually. Here are some of the results found by searching for "afftrack" :

    Good luck and welcome to ABW!

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    Hey thanks, I didn't see that search feature [thus the newbness ]

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