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    Question Why are my conversions not tracking in my cpa reports?
    I am new to the cpa game and am just starting to promote some cpa offers ....I know 100% for a fact I should be seeing a few conversions in my reports section for the offers I am promoting. I am promoting these offers on hydra, affiliateer, wotogepa, affiliatewise, cxdigitalmedia ..... However they are not showing up conversions as money earned. I know I used the right affiliate links because the clicks are showing but the conversions are not showing up. What is the problem I need to know ASAP because I am losing money? How long does it take for conversions to show on direct track networks?

    I am seeing conversions on hydra already!

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    as a direct track user it has real time tracking so the offer isnt converting or the companies using dt is having tracking issues

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