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    Hi. I am sure somewhere in this forum this has already been covered but for some reason I just can't find it. I am a merchant of a couple of start up used auto part websites and I am in need of an affiliate manager. One of the three websites are starting to see sales from shareasale affiliates (about 5 sales last week for $600) but I am sure there is a lot more to be done. I know the items sell since we have had an ebay store for years. I am in the process of SEO work but it would be nice for an actual professional affiliate manger to run the show on that end (since I don't have an extra minute in my day, lol). Anyone have any suggestions?

    Any do you just stick with one program like shareasale or do I also use CJ, pepperjam etc?

    Thanks for the help. I know my business - but the whole affiliate thing is a new thing for me!

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    Hiring an experienced AM is definitely the first step (whether you hire someone in-house or an "outsourced program manager" [OPM]). Trying to make decisions yourself, without the necessary experience and knowledge, is likely to produce some expensive mistakes (but certainly you need to be able to make decisions in hiring and evaluating an AM, so you shouldn't just stop researching). See the link in my signature (below) for links to some free advice.

    There have been many discussion threads on ABW about offering your affiliate program through multiple networks; there are some serious technical issues to address, as well as some practical business issues.

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    There are a lot of companies here at ABW that will manage your program for you.

    More information here:

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