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    516 feed - big ups and downs?
    Is it just me or does the CJ feed change DRASTICALLY about every other week? It seems like tons of products disappear and then later reappear. This causes huge jumps in numbers of inactive products for me and LOTS of work and I'm wondering if it's worth it.

    Why would their feed change so much more than others?

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    Yes, It changes every several days from 400,000+ products to 700,000+ products. It is very aggravating. When Overstock was on Linkshare I was just starting to have regular sales for them. Now that they have switched to CJ and have this roller coaster swing in their data feed, I hardly have sales for them. I now limit the number of items for Overstock as I know that their products will be out of stock in a day or two then show up again several days later.
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    Overstock popshops datafeed is a disaster. Not only their inactive numbers jump up and down like crazy, there are way too many duplicates in their datafeed as well. I was tired of riding thier roller coaster and have stopped using their popshops products for months.

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