As part of our ongoing investment in system stability and capacity Webgains is upgrading all its physical systems, and also adding an additional European data center. This will give us increased capacity, and fail-over at a data center level, should a serious internet outage occur in either location.

The change itself will be invisible for the most part, with the exception that our IP addresses will change. Unfortunately this is unavoidable as our hosting partner, rackspace, has moved to a new data center. This will NOT effect most customers, but we are aware that some affiliates and merchants have configured their own systems to authorize communication between them and the Webgains system, using IP addresses. This change will effect any area where you are using an IP address instead of a domain name, including:

1. Transaction batch uploads
2. Product file uploads
3. Custom firewall setups/access to your systems
4. VPN connections

The change effects all of our IP addresses in the following ranges:
1. 212.100.248.*
2. 83.138.191*

It does NOT effect IP addresses in the range:
1. 62.146.124*

The new ip addresses will be as follows: - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The change will happen on Tuesday 20th October and we will send out further communications before then. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please donít hesitate to contact your account manager or any member of the Webgains team.