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    Little Or No Effort
    I'm still seeing this phrase on affiliate program landing pages, and program announcements. Sure, there is a sucker born every minute, but those aren't the affiliates you really want.

    I'm not picking on anyone in particular here, but I was curious as to if any of us truly believe there is "little or no effort" involved in marketing a program anymore.

    So the competition has waned?

    SEO is now easy?

    PPC is a simple gold mine?

    Let's tone down the rhetoric, and recognize that marketing anything on the web is real *job*. Can money be made? You betcha! But be prepared to fight the good fight, and WORK for every dollar you make. They may roll in eventually, but don't ever assume that they are safe or easy.
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    I see these statements on many merchant sites as well. I consider it a sign of a merchant that doesn't really understand affiliate marketing and generally stay away from that merchant.

    I've got enough merchants already in my stable that don't appreciate me.
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    Seriously? I guess I skip over those words if I see them anywhere.... ad blindness?
    Deborah Carney

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    Yeah, I'm up at 4am making little or no effort on my sites...

    I'm now earning a living from this crazy thing called affiliate marketing (who knew?) but it was from thousands of hours of hard work. Building, testing, tearing down, fixing, tweaking.. all this while publishing daily.

    Sure.. no effort at all. And the natural SERP rankings are a fluke too.

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    Affiliate marketing is commoditized ... only the most efficient will survive. The consumer wants to pay the lowest price possible, the manufacturer has to make at least a dollar more than his costs to survive.

    AM and retail is caught between a rock and a hard place. Not only does it take effort, but is that effort even worth the return?

    For example: Last winter I sold 142 space heaters at an average price of about $50.
    The commission was 5% to 8% so I made about $3 per sale on avrage.

    When you factor in the PPC cost, hosting and such plus the effort and time spent posting ads, I made about $1 per sale profit. For sure, $142 is better than no bucks, but it was less than $2/day in profit.

    This niche was a pretty EASY sell in my estimation, but the scale factor was a barrier.
    I am sure more than 142 space heaters were sold last winter, but the question for me as an affiliate marketer was would more effort, time spent and money spent made more profit or resulted in a loss? I kind of doubt it.

    So I this winter, I have to make a choice. Do I continue doing AM for this product, which is a proven seller? Do I quit the niche because the return per hour is minimal?
    Do I buy the heaters wholesale and make $10 per heater in profit as a merchant but
    stand the risk of not selling the inventory and losing money?

    It is not easy being green is a commoditized world.

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    It takes little or no effort to paste their code onto your page. And in the late 1990's or even the early 2000's that was enough to make some money. Traffic was easy to come by and competition was slim.

    It is a bit different now. Traffic is so difficult to obtain now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesehead
    It is a bit different now. Traffic is so difficult to obtain now.
    Very true indeed.

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