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    Collaborative Project Management Tools?
    I'm looking into web-based collaborative project management tools, with several goals:
    • to use for my personal "project and task management," including basic functionality like to-do lists but also for multi-stage projects including tracking of time and resource requirements, goals, milestones, etc. (access would be limited to myself and my wife)
    • to probably use for future consulting projects (where I'd want to grant clients some level of access), and
    • to hopefully use if I re-launch my "datafeed project" (which would probably involve more than 10 participants).

    I expect that I'll start with a "free" version and soon upgrade to a paid version. I found a list of "free" web-based project management tools at (which probably includes some affiliate links; most tools listed there are "free" for a limited number of users and projects, with limited storage). Starting with that information, I've started thinking about the elements that I think I'd like/desire/prefer/require. (A client recently used BaseCamp for a project I worked on; it seemed somewhat limited but I didn't explore it much.)

    One element I think might be useful: the ability to allow "guest" or public access to view certain aspects of the project information (and perhaps add posts), while restricting access to other content.

    However, I thought it would make sense to ask here: who has used any type of project management tool, and what experiences can you share? I'd especially like to hear if you've enountered problems or limitations that you hadn't expected.

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    There is a great open source project management software based on drupal, I really like it. It is Open Atrium ( Easy, easy installation and with "organic groups" that you can grant people fine grained access to different "groups".

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    I am primarily interested in a "hosted solution," not something I'd need to install, configure, and maintain (I already have enough "projects" on my plate).
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    Haven't used anything like that myself but Google Wave has been getting some buzz -

    "Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration."

    Not sure if you're looking for something like that.

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