Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the program launch of Jameco, exclusively on AvantLink!

Jameco is the first retailer in the AvantLink "Electronics" category, and it's a great opportunity for you this Q4! Jameco has been a leading electronic components distributor for over 35 years, helping millions of customers. They price products below competitors, and offer both name-brand and a wide selection of money-saving brand alternatives. Get Jameco's links and/or feeds in place asap, and be in the first wave of Affiliates to promote this program.
From their Affiliate program details: Jameco has been in business for over 35 years and carries over 70,000 semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power supplies, LEDs and other popular electronic components.
Highlights of the Jameco Affiliate program include:
  • Earn 5% Commission
  • 120-Day Cookie
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Promotions Strategy

If you're already an AvantLink Affiliate, you can sign-up for this program by following these steps:
  1. Login to your Affiliate account at AvantLink.com
  2. Select "Merchants" from the main menu
  3. Locate "Jameco" in the list
  4. Click to their detail page and "Apply Now"

If you're interested in applying to the AvantLink network and this program, please use the following URL: https://www.avantlink.com/affiliate_app.php

Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the Jameco program manager Angela Avanzino, akanaha/at/jameco.com.

Blog Post: Jameco is now live in AvantLink!


Gary & AvantLink