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    Taking on the big dogs - IR article
    There's a great article in this month's issue of Internet Retailer (if you don't get it, definitely subscribe, it's free) about how smaller e-tailers are standing up to the likes of Amazon, WalMart and Costco...and there are a few ShareASale merchants mentioned in it.

    In fact, they lead off with a profile on ReStockit!

    ReStockit’s sales were up 28% this year as of August, and Redlich says he’s not intimidated by his giant rivals. “We see ourselves competing against the big boys because we’re nimble and flexible,” he says. “We’re like the little prize fighter who jabs quickly back and forth, going up against the bigger stalwart that doesn’t move as quickly.”


    Here's a link in case you haven't seen it yet, and congrats to all of the little prize fighters in the ShareASale network!
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    Nice article.
    Deborah Carney

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    Interesting read, Carolyn. Thanks for posting the link.

    And - BRAVO to!
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    There's a great big world out there. It doesn't take much of the pie to put on a WHOLE LOT of financial weight.

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    Great article. Thanks Carolyn for posting this. I had meant to subscribe too and forgot, so I did now.

    ReStockit is the 414th largest online retailer, with $14.5 million in 2008
    That took me by surprise that they are that high on the list. We could be in the top 500 by next year
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    Very nice article. A lot of small businesses don't realize that being small can be an advantage. They usually have more ability to adapt to a changing economy.

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    Wink Excellent article, Carolyn -
    I have personally shopped at ReStockit and they deserve the Kudos. They do have a nice site, deals and it's easy to order there.

    It is also amazing that 14.5 Million gets you in the top 500 (or did I read that wrong???).

    They probably don't have super accurate query methods????

    Congrats to all the SAS merchants mentioned!

    Mary -

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