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    New ARC Merchant:Tizer Secure!
    Hello Team,

    Please join me in welcoming a NEW Generation of Complete Computer Protection and Malware Removal Solution to the ARC Family of Merchants: Tizer Secure™!

    Tizer Secure™ is the ANSWER to consumers #1 concern regarding outdated, sub-par security programs that do an ineffective job of removing malware and preventing adware, virus and malware attacks on a computer.

    Tizer Secure™ offers innovative and patent-pending technology that is unmatched in price and service. It provides consumers more protection and value for their money with 4 High Levels of Scanning Technology and 8 Malicious Software Removal Tools plus a suite of VGard protection tools, privacy guard, shredder and a registry cleaner all included in on comprehensive security package. You will see fast and immediate results in terms of better security, speed and privacy protection.

    Affiliate Benefits:

    $90.00 Average Order
    In-house ShareASale Program
    30% Commissions on SALES!
    60 Day Cookies
    Parasite FREE
    Microsoft Certified Comprehensive Internet Security Product
    Developed and supported by a Microsoft Certified Partner
    Patent pending technologies.
    Custom Links and Banners created for your site traffic
    $5.00 CABs (Cash Activation Bonus)
    Dedicated Program Management by Andy Rodriguez
    Key Point: McAfee and Norton offer anywhere between 18-25% commissions,

    Tizer Secure™ offers 30%! We officially offer the highest in the industry!

    Tizer Secure™ is a Brand You Can Trust!

    Tizer Secure™ has gone out of its way to ensure that your site visitors receive a credible product not only approved by key institutions but held accountable for product and service, please take a look at just some of the associations Tizer Secure™ had partnered with to make your marketing efforts convert higher:

    Microsoft Certified Partner
    Certified for Windows Vista
    Patent pending technology
    Better Business Bureau Accreditation
    4 Levels Deep!

    Tizer Secure™ runs various scans at the deepest level possible; please take a quick glance on our patented approach in scanning our customers’ computer:

    D-Scan™ checks your system for active malware infections and compares its findings with the signatures in our database of malware signatures to identify any malware present on your system.

    AHED™ employs an advanced heuristic recognition algorithm that uses parametric and behavior-based scans to find new threats not yet in any virus database

    R-Scan™ is a reverse scan that checks your system from the virus’s perspective to find file structures similar to recently found threats in order to uncover unknown, but related virus strains

    Rootkit Scan uses a proprietary method to find hidden processes within the system’s memory and removes the rootkit that launched the process

    Question: What Separates Tizer Secure™ from the Competition?

    Good!-Tizer Secure™: Tizer Secure™ uses a patent pending Mass Customization approach to customize its scan to each users’ computer and it creates a unique database for each user based on what was found during the scan.

    Bad-Competitors: Old virus scanners offer the same protection for everyone instead of customizing its scan and protection to each user

    Good!-Tizer Secure™: Tizer Secure™ keeps users ahead of known and unknown (or emerging) threats. Adaptive Heuristics for Early Detection (AHED) uses heuristic and behavioral algorithms to find malware that is not in any database of malware signatures. This malware is likely the newest malware infecting computers right now. Tizer Secure's™ technical team analyzes these threats and use Cloud Computing to update all users' databases so everyone is protected from emerging threats.

    Bad-Competitors: Enables users to stay ahead of emerging threats

    Good!-Tizer Secure™: Tizer Secure™ is easily installed and uninstalled. Once you uninstall it, it won't be on your machine anymore, although we don't think you'll want to uninstall Tizer Secure™ once you use it.

    Bad-Competitors: Dislike the inability to remove their existing security software. It continually shows popups asking you to renew.
    Tizer Secure’s™ Unique Value Proposition

    Tizer Secure™ offers your site visitors benefits and tools that are unmatched by other competitors like Norton and McAfee. Below we’ve outlined a brief list of what these benefits entail:

    1.Consumers will find that Tizer Secure™ will truly help their computer run faster because Tizer Secure™ removes malware and viruses at various deep levels, it is optimized to consume the least resources and cleans their machines quickly

    2.Privacy Guard cleans out old files, eliminating the possibility of invasion of privacy and protects against identity theft.

    3.The Tizer Secure’s™ Registry Optimizer cleans the registry of errors and optimizes the user’s computer performance to obtain the best results.

    Get Active now on the hottest new Security Protection software on the market, JOIN the Tizer Secure™ Affiliate Program TODAY!
    Emilio Yepez
    Affiliate Program Manager
    PH: 305 389 8955
    AIM: affiliateagle
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    This looks like a great program, and looks perfect to replace the ridiculous McAfee program, but something is wrong with the link to join. I've never encountered this before - when I click the link, my SAS info is in the page, but when I click to continue to next step, I get a message page that says someone already has that username. (Yea, me, for 3-4 years now). I did go directly to SAS and joined that way.

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    Hey Affiliatehound, let me know if you need any help and I will get on the phone with SAS and ask whats up.

    Thanks for the support.
    Emilio Yepez
    Affiliate Program Manager
    PH: 305 389 8955
    AIM: affiliateagle
    Follow Me On My Twitter

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