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    How is this good for merchants?
    I just read on Google's own forum about a case where a site was approved for GAN and accepted into a few dozen affiliate programs by the merchants. Upon trying to set up an Adsense account for payment, they were denied by AdSense.

    So, Google, how is this good for your GAN merchants? A site is good enough to be approved by the merchant but not good enough to join AdSense and now will be terminated from GAN on 10/31. Your AdSense guidelines now dictate who a merchant is allowed to work with instead of the merchant dictating who they want to work with.

    Maybe a site that can't get approved by AdSense isn't the greatest of sites for AdSense purposes, but who says they can't do perfectly fine on an affiliate level. It should be left up to the merchant to decide who they want to approve. If a site isn't good enough for AdSense, then don't let them run AdSense, but that should have nothing to do with running affiliate ads if a merchant thinks the site is good enough for them.

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    This is one of the things that happens when companies grow large and start becoming evil .. from do no evil platform

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