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    As an affiliate manager in the process of launching an affiliate network, I am reviewing some of the new suppression list technologies and am looking for honest opinions from publishers.

    Some of the vendors have suppression list services which require you to upload your mailing list, have it scrubbed by their service and receive back a list of net names. From the advertiser side, this is the most secure option to maintain CAN-SPAM compliance. However, I am also a realist and I know that as a publisher, most individuals are going to go to the offers that yield highest returns on lowest requirements for the greatest margins.

    In testing these services, uploading a list of just over a half million names took about 20 minutes to process. So my question is based on the level of inconvenience, if a core deal was being offered by the vendor on a CJ, ShareASale or Performics network at $2.00 per lead, what would be the lead price need to be to make it worthwhile for you to use this system over your current solution.

    And the second question is, if the network had exclusive advertising deals in core categories, how likely are you to avoid using this core ad for a similar ad with a different advertiser on a different network?

    Sorry for the long post, please feel free to not only answer the questions I posed, but also to give free-flow of information that you think a new network should have.

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    What the heck are you talking about? Are you trying to figure out what it will take to get us to spam people? Scrubbed list my sweet arse!

    What do they scrub from the lists, the people most likely to report them for spamming?

    So what's the deal? You have a list with half a million suckers who haven't figured out how to keep you the h*ll out of their e-mail and now you want dozens of affiliates sending them e-mail, to get leads for what whenu or something?

    My current solution is not to be a spammer. Keep trolling, though. I am sure you will find someone looking to get rich quick and bypass the whole affiliate process of making a site and selling a product.

    I guess spammers must make money. If you don't mind creating the mess, throw enough sh!t on the wall and some is sure to stick.

    BTW, I deleted over 8000 pieces of e-mail, last night. Not one of them was opened or read. I also report every single piece of spam to yahoo if it comes to that account and blacklist all spam to my personal e-mail. I hope it costs you a ton of money to send me that junk.
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    Work up a Spell for this one playing the gray areas of e-mail list brokering to turn him into Minnie Mouse. Then when the real consumers whack his e-mail business with CAN-SPAM complaints and fines he can give out candy to the kids. Minie Mouse ...not Mickey....Mike Jackson has that job and disguise already reserved.
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    Hey MIke...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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