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    Kinda a question on how it's determined who's site it is?
    Didn't really have a clue where to ask this or even really how to ask the question. Since the links in question would most likely be LS & GAN links took a shot and posted it in here.

    Umm yoooo hooo if any of the moderators feel it should be moved to a better spot, please feel free to do so. Hmmm hee hee you don't need my permission to do so just guess am sayin go ahead cos wouldn't mind a bit

    Have my own sites and husband has a site. Here's the question, am not really sure if you'd consider it his site or mine lol He actually made it (but then it was in my frontpage and on computer he uses but there again I paid for it lol) Domain name is his business but I'm the one who paid for the domain name and I'm the one who paid for the hosting (but is still his account) Or.....if I pay for it is it?

    Anyway, my question is: Am I allowed to put my affiliate links on his (or if it's considered mine lol) site and do I have to specify anywhere that domain. Don't believe I've listed all of my domain names anywhere but at SAS (that one is listed there too since I think the wording there says sites I have control of or somethin like that, which I do lol Altho probably would do best to ask him if I were to change somethin lol ) Technically speakin tho even if he said he didn't want it changed lol I could still do it. (Especially since I'm in control of all the passwords to everything in my lil book )

    Guess if is ok at a network level I wouldn't have to go askin any specific affiliate managers either??

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    Sounds like it's all in the family, purplebear. So I'd say go for it. I've never had the room to post all of my affiliate domains, so no, you don't have to have "everything" listed. I doubt that very many busy affiliates list everything everywhere.

    On the other hand, what does your husband say about it?
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    It really comes down to state law as to ownership of property. As PA is an "equitable" property state (which differs slightly from "community" property), basically all property acquired during marriage from funds acquired during marriage, is presumed to be property owned jointly by both spouses. Caveat - however - if separate funds were used to acquire the property, such as funds one spouse had prior to marriage, and never co-mingled, then that which is acquired with those funds would be that spouses' separate property.*

    It would thus seem that all sites created by either spouse is "owned" by both spouses, unless the caveat applies.
    *This is not a legal opinion provided to advise anyone on a specific legal question, but rather a brief explanation in general terms of a complex legal issue. If a specific legal opinion is needed, seek same from privately-retained counsel in your specific jurisdiction.

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    I don't think any of the 6 networks I use expect you to list all your sites. If a merchant says I don't fit and doesn't want me in I'll usually email them with the site I plan to use that's not listed.

    I'm guessing that they would see all the sites for you and your husband as under the same ownership. I have put links on my wife's site and never gave it a thought.

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    Thanks everybody very, very much for answering my question

    "On the other hand, what does your husband say about it? [img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]"
    hee hee He's the one who actually wanted me to contact an affiliate manager to find out if it was ok. I thought it would be.... so rather than emailing em figured I'd just ask here cos knew you guys would know

    I just wasn't positive it was ok to place the links on another site, thinking they might think it wasn't mine. I've only got a grand total of 5 sites (umm depending on if ya count his as mine, lol which I do hee hee Even managed to sneak a lil purple into it )

    Thanks again, appreciate it

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