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    I'm new to the affilate network scene but have researched it for months now and understand that there are "pretenders" and "contenders" in the space with more than 750 of them on the internet. I'm about to launch my website and can only pick 1 to start due to cash and time considerations. They all claim to be able to provide high quality lead volume through their network. My concern is that since I'll be paying $20+ per lead, and not necessarily getting paid for all of these leads due to scrubbing, I'd like to choose the best high quality affilate cpa network that has an intuitive interface, high quality leads through their high PR affilate websites, and not-to-time consuming back-end process for managing lead flow. I've already screened through website magazine's top 50 list...which opens up more their sales staffs are highly biased. Does anyone have experience- either good or bad, about which networks to consider for lead generation and which to stay away from? Specific feedback is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!!

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    Seems to be a good question:

    Good luck!

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