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    Merchant Seeking Tips
    Hello Everyone!

    I currently manage several successful affiliate programs on PJ & SAS, and I was looking for some tips from affiliates if there is anything to try to further grow these programs or something I can do differently than I already am in order to help the smaller affiliates generate more sales.

    I send monthly and sometimes weekly newsletters with Coupon Text Links
    Banners and Text links are always available
    Product feeds are available
    I occasionally run contests, but not every month
    All of the landing pages are professionally designed and convert well.
    Sorry, no PPC bidding- we run our own PPC ads.

    Thanks In Advance For Your Help!


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    maybe there's a way to build stronger relationships with the affiliates that are driving the most sales for you. Do you have 1on1 email or phone conversations with them ever? maybe there are things you can do that would specifically help them.

    everything i've read suggests constant contact, the best way to accomplish that is different for everyone though. i think the key is a give and take conversation rather than a push strategy.

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    Setup an optimization campaign and email them weekly. Give them the top selling products, all clearance items, coupons and content. For content send them the feature products then new products. Feed them and they will use it. Plus, affiliates have so many choices and if you do some of the work for them they will appreciate.

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