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    Question Can I get contextual links of products from the Amazon marketplace?
    Can I get contextual links of products from the Amazon marketplace for selling them on my website?

    I have my own website (blog) and monetize it by having product links from the Amazon marketplace. I think I will have more sales if the product links that I place on my web pages are contextually relevant.

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    You can try the Omakase Links, which are described at

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    Unhappy Tried working with product links...
    Yes, I knew that and I did try it out - but then its
    so much of work trying to look up the exact products for my web pages and then creating their links and then using them on my web pages! I wish there was an easier answer to this!

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    Are you thinking of the same type? Here's Amazon's description of their Omakase widdget:
    Omakase links uniquely combine information on each site visitor's taste, the site's content, and historical trends to dynamically generate relevant ads that Amazon serves to your site. With simple, yet powerful, customization options, Omakase lets you automatically provide personalized product ads to your site visitors that complement your site design. Omakase - Leave it up to us!
    I use an Amazon Omakase banner at one of my sites, and it took only a minute to so to pick the size, etc. to get the code - no individual product picking at all
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    See for a discussion of Omakase (which most found useless) but also Amazon "recommended product" links (which worked for me, with the proper parameters).

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