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    Stop what you're doing and sign the net neutrality petition NOW
    The FCC is in the process of determining the fate of net neutrality. If you like having a free internet then you really should sign the petition at It's easy. Then click a link to tweet it, and another to post it to your Facebook wall, and you're finished. Easy-peasy it takes two minutes and you get to have that warm and cuddly "I-did-something-good-for-humanity" feeling for the rest of the day. Maybe longer!

    Thank you and good morning!

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    Done! Thanx, Rhea!
    Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. -Wizardress of Oz

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    Just finished filling out the info and sent it.

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    That was quick and easy! -

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    easy to do, some of the reps in GA require a phone number or capcha

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    Good news!

    FCC Votes To Begin Crafting 'Net Neutrality' Rules, by The Associated Press

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    This is not supported by "free market" people as far as a know. The bill's biggest sponsor is Time Warner! Gosh, why would a big Corperation PAY to make YOU free... Gee wonder why.

    One Corperation pays to regulate out many other corperations... Then another corperation comes in and pays to regulate a problem that was caused by the first regulation... both times the Politician got paid.. both times the people get chains.

    I smell a rat... a stinking beaurocratic and Corperate Rat.

    The internet is allready free, why do we need a beaurocrat to make it MORE free?

    IF a company is cheating you his compeditor will squeal him out and you will move to a different provider.... Oh wait! A Govt. Regulator made it so you can only choose from him or...... er HIM... no choice no competition.

    If Time Warner offers 16megs of lighting fast speed and the little man can only offer 5 for half the price... he gets regulated out.

    Or You only have one choice in internet provider so you cant tell him HEY, your cheating me. ( because of the previous regulation letting him get a monopoly)

    How about stop signing away your freedoms

    When this bill actually is written and getting passed... it will be nothing what you thought it was.... it will be more loss of liberty.

    Remember.... this is paid for by Time Warner.

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin

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    What are you talking about? From what I've read the ISPs are against this. This is to protect what we have now, read all of this -


    "Who wants to get rid of Net Neutrality?

    The nation's largest telephone and cable companies -- including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable -- want to be Internet gatekeepers, deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which won't load at all."

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