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    Something like a sales site offering a monthly contest? That would get good return traffic, right?

    Good or bad idea?

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    Good way to build an email list.

    I'd make that a condition of entry. They must subscribe to email list in order to be entered.

    Otherwise you'll just have a heap of people enter your comp and never return.

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    I tried this a few times... didn't work to good. People subscribe to enter and then cry spam. I noticed this especially with people that are AOL subscribers... the famous reply, to the confirmation email they get within a 10 seconds after they register, with "REMOVE!" I think it is in the AOL owners manual or something to reply to all emails like that.

    People just want to win free things, they don't want to be bothered by emails.

    Good luck if you try it

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    I ran a giveaway at Christmas time and teamed with a guy who was donating proceeds of a sale to a charity.

    I bought one of his products from him and offered it up as a prize, as well as advertising his chartity drive on my site and in my newsletter. I ran it for 4 weeks and increased my subscriber base by 30 people (it's a small list anyway.) The real kicker is though, I've only lost 3 of those sign ups, so the retension of subscribers was very good for a $5 expense, that was also tax-deductable

    We kept track of how many people I sent to his site that bought the product (just for s#!ts and grins) and found that there were around 40 that bought his product that came from my site, and many of those bought more than one. In the end, the charity got about $200 from the partnership and I got 27 people who keep receiving my newsletter every week

    Needless to say, we're going to do that again this year
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    We've had a lot of success with sweepstakes to build a newsletter. Better yet would be if you can give a freebie instead... or both.
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    Thanks for your input! Now I have a lot to think about

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    I used to run a sweepstake with a newsletter sign up. I had loads of people who used to unsubscribe as soon as the first one went out. There's a lot of folk out there who spend much of their lives trawling the net entering free competitions and sweepstakes and many of mine were those.

    In the end I decided that it was not a cost effective way of getting newsletter subscribers so just placed a sign-up form on my top border which has been pretty effective.

    One newsletter sign up and content builder idea that has been very successful is my "any questions" page. The site in question is a gardening site and fortunately I know what I'm taliking about, so I put a form up with the rider that I'll answer questions where the answer isn't already on the site and as long as I think it will be of interest and value to other visitors.

    The result has been a growing archive of categorized questions and answers that the SE's love (and AdSense too) and gets a good rate of newsletter sign ups. When things get too busy like now, I just disable it for a while. It's a great way of my visitors telling me what they're looking for and what isn't readily already answered on the web. Depends on your subject and expertize of course, but I think it's been worth the effort.

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