Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Vox Call affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
25% commission
save up to 95% off
Commission duration 30 Days

Vox Call is a high-quality prepaid international calling service you can use with any phone. There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and it works automatically with your current carrier. Vox Call customers can save up to 95% off traditional long distance plans.

More simplistically explained, Vox Call is prepaid international long distance service offering low phone card like rates, but is far superior to a phone card because it also offers greater call quality and convenience features like PINLess Dialing and Speed Dial, as well as the ability to view your call detail records securely online.

In the near future, Vox Call will offer a mobile application, the ability to call from more countries, web-based calling and much more.


Join the Vox Call affiliate program

Contact: Eric Itzkowitz - gaffiliate[at]