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    October 11th, 2009
    Downgraded before trial period but charged for PRO
    I haven't heard from popshops for 2 weeks now.Last week i posted in the forum but no response. Not sure why? Maybe the issue is not relevant to them.
    Anyways this is my last try after which i am giving up.

    i am not writing the whole thing again, just copying and pasting my old message.
    I sent an email to popshops a week back but no reply.
    Finally decided to use this forum to make my query more visible
    Hopefully I should get my issue solved.

    I joined pop shops as PRO and had the 30 day trail.
    During the trial period I decided to downgrade to BASIC free account and use the PRO facility later and hence downgraded from PRO to BASIC almost 10-14 days before the end of my trial period.

    But at the end of the trial the system did not check my current plan and went ahead and charged me for the PRO.
    There are two things:
    Firstly I have bee charged for PRO.
    And secondly my current account plan shows as BASIC, since I downgraded, as of which I am unable to use the facility as a PRO member in spite of being charged.

    Since I had downgraded before the end of trial period, I think the system should not have charged me and a refund would be appreciated.
    But if I am missing anything here about how the system functions
    Can my account be at least upgraded back to PRO because if I do it from my account I may be charged again?

    My login =
    Support ticket = #QLY-891355 [have already replied to the auto responder]
    The email sent also contains images of my account for your reference.
    thanx for the help

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    October 11th, 2009
    its been 4 weeks now and haven't heard from them
    just emailed them once again

    maybe i would wait another week or so before i cancel my account
    in fact i have a basic plan now,so i should not be bothered to cancel my account but
    i am not sure that they will not charge me the next time since they charged me for PRO even though i downgraded to BASIC during the trial period.

    this is also my third post regarding the same issue. feel quite embarrassed posting the same thing again.
    either they are too busy or not interested, but it seems a bit difficult to carry on a relationship when the customer service is quite unresponsive.
    nothing personal against popshops though, maybe i am just the unlucky one here.

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    October 11th, 2009
    Hi Guys

    Recd. a reply from POPSHOPS exactly after 1/2 an hour after emailing them.
    maybe they just needed a reminder.
    they have stated to resolve the issue and hope everything goes well.

    Thanx very much to POPSHOPS


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    October 11th, 2009
    The issue has been resolved to my satisfaction
    Thank you POPSHOPS
    Will definitely consider doing business again.

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    Yes, sadly I'm in California
    As far as I know, there are four people on the PopShops team. Maybe five! Considering what this tiny team has done and how much work they juggle just keeping this miraculous behemoth moving forward, a slight delay in getting an answer never surprises me. Their ability to triage problems is exceptional, and I don't mind in the least having my minor issues and queries drift toward the floor when necessary.

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