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    Will This Service Work - More Detail
    I wanted to give some more detail on my previous post. Forgive me, I don't mean to be repetitive but I think I really have something here and need help really, really badly.

    My commercial truck financing business can produce about $800 in fees to a prospective affiliate. The problem is how to implement the program. Here are the stages of a transaction, where it takes place, and the payout to an affiliate as I see it:

    Stage One:
    Completed Application
    Takes place - online
    Payout - $8.00

    Stage Two:
    Takes place - offline
    Payout: $80.00

    Stage Three:
    Funded/Closed Deal
    Takes place - offline
    Payout: $800.00

    So the question I have is what stage to I offer the payout to the affiliate? The completed application is good because it's done online so it's trackable. Problem is it's a low payout. Conversely a closed deal pays out well at $800 but it's done offline (involves numerous conversations, paperwork, etc.). This is not trackable by the affiliate. Based on our experience with Adwords we fund a deal for every 1000 clicks (I don't know if this is considered attractive or not). But I see that an affiliate can earn $800 for every 1000 visitors he/she sends to our site.

    Can this been done? Is what I have here considered attractive to a potential affiliate? Please help!

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    "But I see that an affiliate can earn $800 for every 1000 visitors he/she sends to our site."

    That is a nice amount of money, but only 1 per 1,000 visitors? Not a good conversion.

    A lot of affiliates would probably never get a conversion

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