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    How Much Traffic Is Needed
    This is a very general question but for an aspiring affiliate what amount of traffic does a site need to receive to start generating income. I know if varies widely depending on the niche, etc. But is it 100's, 1000's, etc. Like to hear some different points of view.

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    As much quality, targeted traffic as you can send to a good, high converting merchant.

    The numbers can vary by thousands depending on the vertical.

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    it all depends
    on my site it really varies. some affiliates have a 10% to 12% conversion rates. so that means... 10 visits/clicks get 1 lead at about $8 per lead.

    However, it all depends on how targeted the traffic is. Some affiliates send 100 to 200 visits/clicks to get 1 lead.

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    People usually visit 22 travel sites on average before they make their purchase.

    On the other hand, if you have an impulse product or something that doesn't require a lot of research, conversion rates will usually be higher.

    The answer is that you will need a lot of targeted traffic to test your site and to get conversions.

    Getting traffic (in a profitable way) is the hardest part of the affiliate business in my opinion.
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