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    What's the use in going to AdTech?
    I am an Advertiser. If I'm not really interested in hearing people speak, or looking at booths, what good is AdTech for me? All I want to do is make direct connections. What goes on there to promote that? I am an advertiser who wants to reach publishers. Do I need to have a booth to make it worth my while?

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    You don't need to have a booth, but like any conference or networking event, you get out of it what you put into it. Are you local to NYC? Do you know publishers that are attending?

    If you come in for the event you will want to talk to just about anyone you come across and you can network quite a lot there. But if you go into it expecting people to approach you that won't happen.
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    I live an easy commuting distance to NYC.
    I sign up for the "free exhibit hall" for any of these "Internet/Sales/Search shows" [i.e. SMX, AdTech, Web 2.0 Expo, etc...] in NYC.
    I've found that I can pick up lots of information including free copies of trade related magazines.
    I originally met [by chance] Haiko and his fiancee, Michelle, and Loxly at AdTech.
    I've met other affiliates and vendors who participate on ABW at similar shows in NYC.
    It is possible to meet affiliates/vendors at a show like Adtech but if you must travel a long distance maybe the costs outweigh the benefits.
    If you decide to come, maybe it would be good if you e-mail/PM [i.e. publishers you know and/or would like to meet]/or state in the "Events Subforum" that you plan to attend the event and see if anyone from ABW might also be attending.
    Keep in mind that the Javitz Center is huge -- but such a big venue has been chosen because of the anticipated attendance.

    Btw, if you recognize one affiliate/AM/OPM/etc... chances are that person is near other affiliates/OPMs/attendees at the show and can introduce you -- or do what I do and introduce yourself
    There are many interesting people at these events, you just have to connect with them.

    Can you think of other reasons why you would like to visit/site see New York City if you are traveling from a distance [i.e. Springfield, MO]? A couple of things on your agenda might make it happen for you.
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    imo you should go there looking for those direct buys and with an open mind. you will be surrounded with new business opportunities. meeting in person is helpful.

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