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    Smile Which Link Cloaker?
    Hey guys n gals, how come none of these so-called internet marketing gurus have come up with a top quality affiliate cloak linker that doesn’t require an honors degree in computer technology to install and that doesn't cost an arm and a few ribs either?
    One without all that FTP, .php, HTML coding, et al! I’m sure they’d make an absolute fortune if they did (but don’t forget it was my idea, Buster!) since most affiliate newbie’s would flock to buy it, I'm sure.
    Or maybe there's already one out there and I just don’t know about it, yet!
    I’d much appreciate any qualified, honest and polite suggestions, but please, please, please - NO sales pitches. I’d rather hear from people who actually have one, use it and find it does what it's supposed to do perfectly well?

    Thanks ever so, Ray.

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    You may want to look in this sub forum if you haven't already.

    Link Protection / Redirecting / Cloaking

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    There are free cloakers for different systems available, or you could just write your own. It is very simple to write something like that. No, I don't have a degree in anything FYI.

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    You really do not need to purchase a link cloaker these days. You can use simple html redrects

    Read How to Cloak affiliate links easily
    [URL=""]Affiliate Marketing Basics[/URL]

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