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    Arrow What are AM's looking for in an offer?
    As an advertiser (trying to focus on direct relationships), I find it hard to know how to properly advertise my offer. What is it that most AM's are looking for to peak their interest in an offer?

    Our offer is looking for home sellers. I feel like the price is right, but I struggle to get as much volume as I need. We have had months where we were able to generate around 50k leads and lately it has been dropping dramatically (it's now around 15k). What could be the cause?

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    It could be the economy and or the season. As Fall approaches, people are looking for holiday gifts as opposed to "home sellers"

    Did you drop your payout?
    Did the drop come from any specific affiliate?
    Dig into your data, that is the best place to start.

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    By AM's do you mean affiliate marketers or affiliate managers? The latter is the more common use.

    Have you tried advertising your offer here with a New Program Announcement? Its cheap at $75.

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