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    Ok all i wanted to get your take on this.... change with sitematch...

    Up intill april only costs really were



    and 1 $39 per site paid inclusion

    now things have really changed with paid inclusion and im really not sure what to do... i really couldnt grasp the logi behind yahoos, sitematch and why there is no one time fee anymore, so i spoke to a guy at positiontech on the phone today and from that conversation came this that I posted a forum, its not the gospel, but basically what i got from the guy at positiontech.. I really need to find out what your take is on as living in candada i paid for my last site to go through psoition tech it cost me in
    $49 us
    $50 us

    which worked out to almost $130 canadian, now thats expensive for 1 site, if the plan is to keep churning out sites...

    Well today has been a real learning curve in the way of sitematch and paid inclusion.. for anyone whos already familiar with it, you may not wish to waste your time reading this, but for those who want a small amount of insite into these new changes, keep reading.. if im wrong in any parts, feel free to respond.. im still trying to grasp the benefit to web owners for this..

    Ok so.. up intill sometimes march-april of 2004, you had 3 options of getting your site seen somewhat....

    1. submit to engines and have your site crawled every 3-4 weeks or more... ( long process, if you make changes to your site frequently ) also different for google... sometimes quicker with google.

    2. use ppc engines like overture, adwords, findwhat etc... and get listed only intill you have depleted your money in your account.

    3. Pay for inclusion using INKTOMI or LYCOS INSITE, which gives you option to be included in INKTOMI and FAST which bascially in simple tems got you listed in places like msn, allthweb, yahoo and such, some good places.. this was a set fee, roughly $39-49, once paid , your site appeared in 48-72hrs, and then every 48hrs that page or pages would be refreshed.. so any new changes would be updated,, very nice.. I did it with many of my sites.. once your in, you stayed in.. period..

    Then comes along, yahoo with their bright idea, now owning OVERTURE, and looking for ways to monopolise everthing lol, to make something called SITMATCH basically put its works like this... haven just got off the phone with a guy from

    To get listed in all the places like yahoo, msn, alltheweb, and have your site page refreshed every 48hrs you have to do one of the following either go to and sign up there or go to , there are a few others i think..
    anyway, i went positiontech route, both ways are the same...

    You go there, and you pay 2 amounts of money

    $49 ( used to be one time fee, its no longer)
    this now pays for them just to view your site, it somones wages bascially...

    $50 deposit which once your site page is activated and included, this is the money that keeps your page ( url) SEEN and ALIVE) Yep you got it..

    $49 pays for someone to look at your site when there not on their coffeee break... once looked at and approved.. they then use the $50 deposit which by the way you have no choice, you have to pay it... if you want in... they then take that $50 and based on what category your site falls in your site will appear in yahoo, msn, and such but everytime its clicked on.. you are charged either 15 cents or 30 cents depending on the category you selected for your site.. in my case it was 15 cents.. Ok so hope your still with me... ok next.. there is your site sitting there nicely, being seen by visitors, hopefully!. every click is bring your $50 deposit down down down intill you reach $0, which at that point depending on your payment option you selected, your site will now DISAPPEAR>. yep gone... JUST LIKE OVERTURE PAY PER CLICK... once the money is gone, your ad disappears...

    So now yahoo owns overture and themselves of course.. so whats big change, well basically UNLESS you submit your WEBSITE to yahoos FREE submission which has its downsides... the only way your site can be seen in yahoo is on a paid basis.. once the money is gone. so is your site!. this came from the words of the guy at positiontech... thats why comeing back to payment options there are 3 options in positiontech, just like overture ppc.

    Set amount per month...


    or you tell them when you want money and when you want your site to appear..

    which by the way by default its set to replenish, which they dont tell you ,, nice of them..

    So what is the benefit of all this... well right now. i only see it being as a a weaker version of what they had before.. ORIGINALLy you paid $49 and thats it your done, its in, and that it... now you pay $49 PLUS $50 to get started and once $50 is gone, your gone..... Paying them does not mean you will get ranked high either... It tells you right inside your account under payment options that unless you keep paying, your sites link will be deactivated and no longer seen..

    thats why there are debates on webmasterworld forum about will sites that are paying to be seen, have preference over sites that submitted via the free submission... we are yet to learn that...

    so bearing all that in mind, lets now understand what the hells the difference between OVERTURE and YAHOO, as we all know.. they have kind of meshed.... with overture you pay to be seen, and at least you can get pay for where you want to be seen, i.e page 1 for keywords..
    but with sitematch you pay to be seen but you are not paying for where you will be seen.... you could appear anywhere... and still pay... no control basically..

    so right now.. the fact that i just shelled out and learnt this was worth it, otherwise i wouldnt have learnt it probably..

    So everyone is faced back with 4 options still of being seen

    1. submit free to yahoo and msn and get crawled every 3-4 weeks maybe more... any changes you have made...

    2. submit to google, and enjoy there there rollercoaster ride.. up down up down.. who knows where i might be next month, ( isnt this fun)...

    2. pay overture for a paid listing, and you decide based on how much you pay where you will be seen.. ( seems best option to me)

    3. pay yahoo/overture/sitematch $49 + $50 get put in but when your $50 is up your not seen anymore.. keep paying them a set amount either 15 cents or 30 cents.

    well if anyone would like to add to these feel free, i dont confess to know all about sitematch, just what have learnt from submitting to it.. and chatting with tech support at

    hope this helps a few people understand even just a little of whats going on... changes and such....

    i once heard someoen say it seems yahoo is heading towards becoming like a yellow pages, basically to be seen, you will have to pay... seems its not far from the truth...

    again please this is just from what i have heard from a guy at positiontech in support, and my rants and raves... its not the gospel truth, so dont flood my email inbox with emails of hate lol peace to all ......

    These brings up numerous questions like

    Will yahoo honour sites submitted via inktomi before sitematch started, and if so how long will they honor them for?

    Will yahoo show preference to paid inclusion than sites submitted to yahoos free long web crawl...

    What direction are affiliates going to have to go now.. in regards to getting sites listed... in the major engines...

    this could become very expensive to promote a site,....

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    Sitematch is a rip off especially since Yahoo is crawling and indexing for free.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TrustNo1®:
    Sitematch is a rip off especially since Yahoo is crawling and indexing for free. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I agree with Trustno1

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    I also agree, Sitematch is a rip-off. Why pay when you can get it for free? Yahoo is the big loser here, as their results will be based in part on how much someone can afford to pay to be listed.

    THAT is NOT a way to provide relevant SERPs!


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    Amen to all the answers above...there is no good reason to pay for any inclusion at this time. Get an inbound link or two (if you don't know anybody to give you one, you can always buy a text link from somewhere for a whole lot less than you would paid for any of the inclusion programs), and the se's will find you. And if they like you, they will return often.

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    Yeah the paid inclusion was a worthwhile investment way back about 4 months ago.

    The 15 to 30 cents clicks are a tough nut to break even on though, even if you are the primary source for the products (the vendor) and have a high conversion rate.

    Add to that the current Bias (with a capital 'B') against affiliate sites and the paid inclusion is not even worth considering any more.

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