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    Bye Bye GeoCities
    There was another thread about this but couldn't find it but they're gone -

    "Ten years after Yahoo! bought GeoCities, the company announced that it would shut down the service on October 26, 2009. GeoCities websites actually became unavailable on October 27, 2009."

    And it looks like they were removed with the quickness -


    Don't think I ever had a geocities page, my first page was some web space from Prodigy. I wish I would have saved it for nostalgic purposes. I had a very cool animated gifs page. Tripod is still hanging in there, just tried visiting one of those pages and pop, pop, pop....

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    I think I had played with some GeoCities creation way back when...

    Speaking of animated gifs. I still use the very first one I ever created. It is still on a couple of very old sites - that still get quite a bit of traffic.

    Here's CRABBY: He is now in his eleventh year...

    Of course it was originally on a site for a place in which steamed crabs are popular.
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    Be very interesting to watch the SERPs in coming months as all that link juice and referral traffic disappears.
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    Looks like it's already gone from the Yahoo and Google indexes, MSN/Bing is lagging behind as usual -

    all going to

    Sorry, the GeoCities website you were trying to reach is no longer available.
    GeoCities has closed, but may have preserved the site you are looking for.
    To find out, visit and enter the site's web address in the field provided.

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    I had many Geocities sites "back in the day". Mostly for clubs and things I was involved in. It's been a few years since I could log into any of them, and downloaded all the files years ago too.

    Never did Angelfire. I did Hypermart and other free hosts that are long gone until domains dropped below $35 a year.
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    Oh, the good old times... Geocities, Tripod,

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    hahah don't forget angelfire.
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    I started affiliate marketing on free geocities sites until I realized people might just be clicking the yahoo ads on the right. Probably some of yours. lol.
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